• corbel (preferred) (English)
  • corbelling (English)
  • puzuo (Pinyin)
  • p'u-tso (Wade-Giles)
  • 鋪作 (Traditional Chinese)
  • 铺作 (Simplified Chinese)


Puzuo is a term mainly used in the "Yingzao Fashi". According to its definition, we can conclude that puzuo is a method in which small components are layered one on top of another extending outward in corbelled steps. The number of puzuo is measured by the number of layers. However, it is also used to describe a structural unit formed by this practice. (ATTCAT Project, 2018).

Chinese (Traditional) 鋪作一詞,主要出現在1103年出版的《營造法式》中,按其定義“今以鬥栱層數相疊出跳多寡次序謂之鋪作”,可知鋪作是一種將小構件層層相疊,為實現懸挑功能而按次序鋪疊的做法。鋪作可以用疊加的次數來計量。《營造法式》中也將其引申為由這種做法所形成的結構單元。 (ATTCAT Project)

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