26. North Jixiang Monastery, middle hall 
27. South Jixiang Monastery, middle hall 
28. Zhengjue Monastery in Changzhi , back hall 
29. Tianning Monastery in Nantong, Celestial Kings Hall 
30. Hutu Temple, main hall 
31. Huixian Belvedere, Hall of the Three Pure Ones 
32. Longxing Monastery, Celestial Kings Hall 
33. Qinshui Shundi Temple, main hall 
34. Longmen Monastery, Mahāvīra Treasure Hall 
35. Anchan Monastery, sutra hall 
36. Baiyu Palace, main hall
37. Kaishan Monastery, main hall 
38. Baoguo Monastery, Mahāvīra Treasure Hall 
39. Jindong Monastery, corner hall 
40. Jin Shrines, offering hall 
41. Lingchuan Longyan Monastery, passage hall 
42. Buer Monastery, main hall 
43. Chongqing Monastery, Sandashi Hall 
44. Kaihua Monastery, Mahāvīra Treasure Hall 
45. Baiyu Palace, back hall 
46. Qinshui Shengtian Monastery, Śākyamuni Hall 
47. Baitai Monastery, Śākyamuni Hall 
48. Longmen Monastery, west side hall 
49. Chongjiao Monastery, right ear hall 
50. Dayun Cloister in Qinxian, main hall 
51. Guangrenwang Temple, main hall 
52. Hongfu Monastery , main hall 
53. Geyuan Monastery, Mañjuśrī Hall 
54. Fawang Temple in Hancheng, offering hall 
55. Wenmiao in Pingyao, Dacheng Hall 
56. Yuhuang Temple in Beiyicheng, main hall  
57. Nanchan Monastery, great hall 
58. Chongjiao Monastery, main hall 
59. Qinglian Monastery, main hall 
60. Fengguo Monastery, Mahāvīra Hall 
61. Dongyue Temple in Zhoucun, main hall 
62. Yuhuang Temple in Jincheng, back hall 
63. Dongyue Temple in Zhoucun, God of Wealth Hall 
64. Dayun Cloister, Amitābha Hall 
65. Runchengzhen Dongyue Temple, Tianzi Hall 
66. Taifu Belvedere, central great hall 
67. Shanhua Monastery, Celestial Kings Hall 
68. Temple to the Eastern Peak in Tai'an, Hall for Prayers to Heaven 
69. Xuanmiao Belvedere in Suzhou, Hall of the Three Pure Ones 
70. Taiyin Monastery, Mahāvīra Treasure Hall 
71. Chongqing Monastery, Ten Kings of Hell Hall 
72. Great Temple, Feilai Hall 
73. Foguang Monastery, Mañjuśrī Hall 
74. Huayan Lower Monastery, Mahāvīra Treasure Hall 
75. Huilong Monastery, main hall 
76. Fotou Monastery, great hall 
77. Chongming Monastery, middle hall 
78. Erxian Temple in Nanshentou, main hall 
79. Yuhuang Temple in Bucun, front hall 
80. Mei Hermitage, Ancestor Hall 
81. Yuhuang Temple in Bucun, back hall 
82. Hongji Cloister, main hall 
83. Jin Shrines, Sage Mother Hall 
84. Ruicheng City God Temple, main hall 
85. Chongjiao Monastery, Great Buddha Hall 
86. Lingzewang Temple, Lingzewang Hall 
87. Longxing Monastery, Cintāmaṇi Hall 
88. Erxian Temple in Xilimen, back hall 
89. Erxian Temple in Xilimen, middle hall 
90. Jingtu Monastery, Mahāvīra Treasure Hall 
91. Shousheng Monastery in Xiangning, main hall 
92. Dayun Monastery in Jingzhuang, Mahāvīra Treasure Hall 
93. Biyun Monastery in Xiaozhangcun, main hall 
94. Jiutian Sage Mother Temple, Sage Mother Hall 
95. Erxian Temple in Xiaohuiling, main hall 
96. Kaifu Monastery, offering hall 
97. Baiyu Palace, Hall of the Three Transcendents 
98. Longmen Monastery, Celestial Kings Hall 
99. Baitai Monastery, back great hall 
100. Chongjiao Monastery, left ear hall 
101. Putian Yuanmiao Belvedere, Hall of the Three Pure Ones 
102. Chongfu Monastery, Amitābha Hall (Mituo Hall) 
103. Guanghua Monastery, main hall 
104. Hualin Monastery, main hall  
105. North Jixiang Monastery, Celestial Kings Hall 
106. Puzhao Monastery, great hall 
107. Dabei Cloister in Quwo, passage hall 
108. Tianning Monastery in Nantong, Mahāvīra Treasure Hall 
109. Puguang Monastery, main hall 
110. Chunhua Monastery, main hall 
111. Cuifujun Temple in Qinshui, Fujundian 
112. Longwang Temple in Dongyi, main hall 
113. Huayan Lower Monastery, Bhagavat Sutra Hall 
114. Erxian Temple in Jincheng , main hall 
115. Faxing Monastery, main hall  
116. Foguang Monastery, Great East Hall 
117. Chongqing Monastery, 1000 Buddhas Hall 
118. Xiangfan Monastery in Qixian, main hall 
119. Yuhuang Temple in Shizhang, main hall 
120. Shaolin Monastery, Chuzu Hermitage, main hall 
121. Shanhua Monastery, Hall of the Three Sages 
122. Sanjun Temple, main hall 
123. Shanhua Monastery, Mahāvīra Treasure Hall 
124. Cixiang Monastery, main hall 
125. Guanwang Temple in Dingxiang, Beamless Hall 
126. Kaibao Monastery, Jieyin Hall