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-   Baitai Monastery  (contains 1 buildings)
Baitai Monastery, Śākyamuni Hall  Shijiadian or Śākyamuni Hall 釋迦殿 of Baitai Monastery Jin dynasty Rebuilt during the Jin Mingchang reign period 1190 1194 The brick podium was built...
-   Baiyu Palace  (contains 1 buildings)
Baiyu Palace, main hall   The main hall 正殿 of Baiyu Palace is built on a 0 8 m high stone podium The hall has a front façade of...
-   Buer Monastery  (contains 1 buildings)
-   Chunhua Monastery  (contains 1 buildings)
-   Cixiang Monastery  (contains 1 buildings)
-   Fotou Monastery  (contains 1 buildings)