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-   Baiyu Palace  (contains 3 buildings)
Baiyu Palace, Hall of the Three Transcendents  The Hall of the Three Transcendents 三仙殿 in Baiyu Palace is an axial building dating from the Ming Qing dynasties ZGWWDTJ Shanxi vol 2...
Baiyu Palace, back hall  The back hall of Baiyu Palace is on the central axis and dates to the Ming Qing dynasties ZGWWDTJ Shanxi vol 2 zhong p...
Anchan Monastery  Anchan Monastery is located on Anchansi Street Taigu County 縣城內安禪寺街 Song and Ming dynasties It is one of the historical and cultural sites protected...
Chongming Monastery  Northern Song 960 - 1127
Kaifu Monastery  Jin 1115 - 1234
Shousheng Monastery in Xiangning  Northern Song 960 - 1127