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Baitai Monastery  Baitai Monastery is located at about 200 meters southwest of Guangma Village Gujiao Town 古交鎮光馬村 Jin and Yuan dynasties It is one of the...
Baiyu Palace  Baiyugong is located in the Jiaodi Village of Lucheng Town 潞城鎮郊底村 and contains artifacts from the Jin Ming and Qing dynasties It is one...
Cixiang Monastery  Northern Song 960 - 1127
Cuifujun Temple  Jin 1115 - 1234
Dayun Cloister in Qinxian  Northern Song 960 - 1127
Dayun Cloister  Dayun Cloister 大雲院 is located in Shihui Village of Beidanche Township 北耽車鄉實會村 approximately 500 meters to the northwest of Shuangfeng Shan 雙峰山 There are...
Dayun Monastery in Wuxiang  Northern Song 960 - 1127
Dongyue Temple in Zhoucun  Northern Song 960 - 1127
Erxian Temple in Xiaohuiling  Northern Song 960 - 1127
Fawang Temple in Hancheng  Northern Song 960 - 1127
Faxing Monastery  Tang 618 - 907