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-   Anchan Monastery  (contains 1 buildings)
Anchan Monastery, sutra hall  The Zangjingidan 藏经殿 or the sutra repository of Anchansi Song Dynasty is built on a brick podium The front façade is 3 bays wide...
-   Baitai Monastery  (contains 3 buildings)
Baitai Monastery, Sandifazang Pavilion  The Sandi facang Pavilion 三滴法藏阁 was established in the Jin dynasty with significant restoration done in the Yuan dynasty The pavilion was built against...
Baitai Monastery, back great hall  The back great hall 後大殿 of Baitai Monastery was rebuilt during the 11th year of Yuan dynasty The brick podium is 0 33 meters...
Baitai Monastery, Śākyamuni Hall  Shijiadian or Śākyamuni Hall 釋迦殿 of Baitai Monastery Jin dynasty Rebuilt during the Jin Mingchang reign period 1190 1194 The brick podium was built...
-   Baiyu Palace  (contains 4 buildings)
Baiyu Palace, Hall of the Three Transcendents  The Hall of the Three Transcendents 三仙殿 in Baiyu Palace is an axial building dating from the Ming Qing dynasties ZGWWDTJ Shanxi vol 2...
Baiyu Palace, back hall  The back hall of Baiyu Palace is on the central axis and dates to the Ming Qing dynasties ZGWWDTJ Shanxi vol 2 zhong p...
Baiyu Palace, main hall   The main hall 正殿 of Baiyu Palace is built on a 0 8 m high stone podium The hall has a front façade of...
-   Buer Monastery  (contains 1 buildings)
-   Chunhua Monastery  (contains 1 buildings)
-   Cixiang Monastery  (contains 1 buildings)
-   Cuifujun Temple  (contains 1 buildings)
-   Dayun Cloister  (contains 1 buildings)
Dayun Cloister, Amitābha Hall  Great Buddha Hall 大佛 of Dayunyuan Five Dynasties is also known as Amitābha Hall 彌陀殿 it was built in the fifth year of Later...
-   Faxing Monastery  (contains 1 buildings)
-   Fotou Monastery  (contains 1 buildings)
-   Fuxiang Monastery  (contains 1 buildings)
-   Gaoping Erlangmiao  (contains 1 buildings)
-   Great Temple  (contains 1 buildings)
-   Guanghua Monastery  (contains 1 buildings)
-   Hongfu Monastery   (contains 1 buildings)
-   Hongji Cloister  (contains 1 buildings)
-   Huilong Monastery  (contains 1 buildings)
-   Hutu Temple  (contains 1 buildings)
-   Jidu Temple  (contains 1 buildings)
-   Kaifu Monastery  (contains 1 buildings)
-   Kaishan Monastery  (contains 1 buildings)
-   Puguang Monastery  (contains 1 buildings)
-   Puzhao Monastery  (contains 1 buildings)
-   Sanjun Temple  (contains 1 buildings)
-   Sirun Sanjiao Hall  (contains 1 buildings)
-   Xingfan Monastery  (contains 1 buildings)
Xingfan Monastery, great hall  main hall 大殿 The main hall has a brick platform of 1 85 meters high a front façade of 5 bays with a depth...
-   Zetian Temple  (contains 1 buildings)
Kong Family Residence in Qufu   Northern Song 960 - 1127