xiēshān 歇山



  • xieshan (Pinyin without tones)
  • 歇山 (Traditional Chinese)1
  • 歇山 (Simplified Chinese)
  • xiēshān (Pinyin)
  • hsieh-shan (Wade-Giles)
  • 歇山頂 (Traditional Chinese)3
  • xiēshāndǐng (Pinyin)3
  • interrupted or halted mountain (peak) (lit.) (English)2
  • hip-gable (roof) (ATTCAT preferred translation) (English)3
  • gable and hip roof (English)4
  • gable-on-hip roof (English)5
Dynasty Qing (1644-1912)

Note (full)

    Meaning, literally, interrupted or halted mountain (peak) (Kroll 2015, 503, 399), in an architectural context xieshan 歇山 is a form of traditional Chinese gabled roof with four ridges (two per side) framing the gable, above a lower hip roof with an additional four ridges above four corner beams supporting the hip (Qing gongbu 1773, 54.1b). Sometimes it is written as xieshan ding 歇山頂 (anonymous 1644-1911, 29a). The term is first seen in Qing dynasty texts and was only used for palace or other large-scale buildings. In modern research, xieshan also describes a roof form without obvious ridges but with four slopes and two gables in vernacular architecture (Wang, 1991). See also: shaliangtou6

    “歇山”為中國古代建築屋頂形式的一種,最早出現在代文獻中,用於描述殿閣大式建築,基本特征是由四個坡面和兩個山面組成的屋頂形式 (清工部 1773,54.1b);通常有一道正脊、四條垂脊、四條戧脊;但若為卷棚式歇山則無明顯正脊。有時也寫作歇山頂(佚名 1644-1911, 29a)。現代研究中也將民居中使用的,不設屋脊,但具有四個坡面和兩個山面的屋頂形式稱為歇山(王 1991)。歇山的概念從殿閣大式建築擴展到民間建築。(可參見“厦兩頭”)6

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