Dule Monastery, Bao'en Cloister 獨樂寺報恩院



  • Bao'en Cloister (English)
  • 報恩院 (Traditional Chinese)
  • 报恩院 (Simplified Chinese)
  • Bào'ēnyuàn (Pinyin)
  • Pao-en-yüan (Wade-Giles)
  • Dulesi Bao'enyuan (English)
  • 獨樂寺報恩院 (Traditional Chinese)
  • 独乐寺报恩院 (Simplified Chinese)


  • Coordinates:
    • Lat. 40.044514° Long. 117.396831°
  • Site Information

    According to the documentation at the site, the Bao’en Cloister was constructed during the Ming dynasty and reconstructed in the Qing dynasty under Emperor Qianlong (plaque). The Bao’en Cloister is a courtyard consisting of four halls: the Mahavira Hall (the main hall), the eastern and western halls, and the front hall. As the main hall of the courtyard, the Mahavira Treasure Hall (Daxiong baodian 大雄寶殿) enshrines the Amitābha 阿彌陀佛, Shakyamuni 釋迦摩尼 and Bhaiṣajyaguru 藥師佛. The eastern hall enshrines the Bodhisattva Mañjuśrī (Wenshu pusa 文殊菩薩). The western hall enshrines the bodhisattva Samantabhadra (Puxian pusa 普賢菩薩) (plaque).

    Dynasty Ming 1368-1644 1

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