Zisheng Monastery  資聖寺



  • Zisheng Monastery (English)
  • Zishengsi (Pinyin)
  • 資聖寺 (Traditional Chinese)
  • 资圣寺 (Simplified Chinese)


山西省高平市 Shanxi
  • China
  • Province:
    • Shanxi (Pinyin)
    • 山西省 (Traditional Chinese)
    • 山西省 (Simplified Chinese)
  • County-city:
    • Gaoping (Pinyin)
    • 高平 (Simplified Chinese)
  • Political-subdivision:
    • (Simplified Chinese)
    • City (English)
  • Coordinates:
    • Lat. 35.6938° Long. 112.785°
  • Site Information

    Zishengsi is located 20 kilometers southwest of Gaoping county seat in Dazhouzuan Village 大周纂村 (locally referred to as Dazhou). It is unknown when it was first built but it was in existence by the Northern Song and it was repaired in the first year of the Ming Zhengde reign period (1506). Within the monastery the ancient simplicity is luxuriant, the buildings are lofty and majestic, [it is] full of the spirit of ancient Buddhist temples. Presently there are five main buildings: the shanmen, South Hall, Main Hall and east and west side halls. The Main Hall is largest and underwent reconstruction in the Yuan. The east and west side halls are relatively delicate; these are both Ming construction. (T. Miller translation) 1
    Dynasty Song - Ming (960-1644) 2

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