Zhenru Monastery  真如寺



  • Zhenru Monastery (English)
  • 真如寺 (Traditional Chinese)
  • 真如寺 (Simplified Chinese)
  • Zhēnrúsì (Pinyin)
  • Chen-ju-ssu (Wade-Giles)


  • China
  • County-city:
    • Shanghai Municipality (English)
    • 上海市 (Traditional Chinese)
    • Shànghǎi shì (Pinyin)
  • Political-subdivision:
    • Putuo District (English)
    • 普陀區 (Traditional Chinese)
    • Pǔtuó qū (Pinyin)
  • Coordinates:
    • Lat. 31.251389° Long. 121.396667°
  • Site Information

    Zhenru Monastery, also known as Dasi, the “Grand Temple,” in the Qing dynasty, is a Buddhist monastery located in Zhenru Town in northwest Shanghai (Lu 2004; Zuo 2019, 130). The town is named after the monastery (Shanghai wenwu baoguan weiyuanhui 1966, 16). The Monk Yong’an reconstructed the monastery and gave the name Zhenruyuan to it during the Jiading reign (1208-1224) of the Southern Song dynasty (Lu 2004). Then it was relocated to a place called Taoshupu by the Monk Miaoxin during the Yanyou reign (1314-1320) of the Yuan dynasty and he acquired a new plaque in order to change the name from Zhenruyuan to Zhenrusi (Lu 2004). Later during the Hongwu reign (1368-1398) and the Hongzhi Reign (1488-1505) of the Ming dynasty, Monk Daoxin and Monk Falei restored the monastery twice (Lu 2004).1

    Site Information

    真如寺,清代又稱大寺,是一座位於上海西北真如鎮的佛教寺廟(陸 2004 ; 左 2019,130)。 真如鎮由寺得名(上海文物保管委員會 1996,16). 南宋嘉定年間(1208-1224)僧人永安重修寺廟並命其名為真如院(陸 2004)。 元代延祐年間(1314-1320)僧人妙心移寺至桃樹浦並請額將真如院改名為真如寺。 明洪武(1368-1398)與弘治(1488-1505)年間僧道馨與法雷前後兩次修復真如寺(陸 2004)。1

    Dynasty Yuan 1271 - 1368 2

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