Qixia Monastery, Sheli ta 棲霞寺舍利塔



  • Sarira Pagoda (English)
  • 舍利塔 (Traditional Chinese)
  • 舍利塔 (Simplified Chinese)
  • shělìtǎ (Pinyin)
  • she-li-t'a (Wade-Giles)
  • Qixia Monastery Sarira Pagoda (English)
  • 棲霞寺舍利塔 (Traditional Chinese)
  • 栖霞寺舍利塔 (Simplified Chinese)


  • Coordinates:
    • Lat. 32.154167° Long. 118.953889°
  • Building Information

    In 601, the Sarira Pagoda was first built in wood by Sui Emperor Wendi. It was later rebuilt in stone in the Southern Tang dynasty (Xiang 2001, 40; Ren and Yang 1989, online edition). The 18.73-meter pagoda is a 5-story octagonal structure with reliefs of bodhisattvas and Celestial Kings carved on eight sides (Zi 2014, 83). The base is carved with the scenes of the Eight Stages of the Life of the Buddha (Xiang 2001, 40).1

    舍利塔原爲木塔,爲601年隋文帝下令于棲霞寺後南側建造(Xiang 2001, 40)。南唐時期重建其爲舍利石塔(Ren and Yang 1989,online edition)。舍利塔爲五層八角建築物,高18.73米,塔身刻有菩薩、天王像,塔基浮雕刻有釋迦牟尼一生八相圖(Zi 2014, 83; Xiang 2001, 40)。1

    Date Founded in 601
    Dynasty Sui 581-618 2

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