Qixia Monastery, Qianfo yan shiku 棲霞寺千佛岩石窟



  • Thousand Buddha Grotto (English)
  • 千佛岩石窟 (Traditional Chinese)
  • 千佛岩石窟 (Simplified Chinese)
  • qīanfóyánshíkū (Pinyin)
  • ch'ien-fo-yen-shih-k'u (Wade-Giles)
  • Qixia Monastery Thousand Buddha Grotto (English)
  • 棲霞寺千佛岩石窟 (Traditional Chinese)
  • 栖霞寺千佛岩石窟 (Simplified Chinese)


  • Coordinates:
    • Lat. 32.154167° Long. 118.953889°
  • Building Information

    The Thousand Buddha Grotto was first carved by Ming Zhongzhang, Ming Sengshao’s son, in 484 during Qi (Xiang 2001, 128). Buddhist statues continued to be carved in the following dynasties. Due to the large number of niches and statues, it is called the Thousand Buddha Grotto. With 322 niches and 533 Buddha statues, it is the only extant Buddhist grotto from Southern Dynasties (Zi 2014, 85; Xiang 2001, 128).1

    千佛岩石窟建于484年,由縣令明仲璋遵照其父明僧紹的遺志建造(Xiang 2001, 128)。後經曆代鑿建,因佛龛、佛像衆多稱作千佛窟。這是中國現存唯一的南朝佛教石窟,窟內現存佛龛322個,佛像533尊(Zi 2014, 85; Xiang 2001, 128)。1

    Date Founded in 484
    Dynasty Qi Kingdom 479-502 2

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