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384 Search results

-   Jin Shrines 晉祠 (contains 63 artifact(s))
Jin Shrines, Sage Mother Hall 晉祠聖母殿 The Sage Mother Hall also known as the Holy Mother Hall is the oldest building in the Jinci Shrine complex as well as...
-   Lingyin Monastery 靈隱寺 (contains 2 artifact(s))
Lingyin Monastery, East Stone Pagoda 靈隱寺東石塔 The Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms 902 - 979
Lingyin Monastery West Stone Pagoda 靈隱寺西石塔 The Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms 902 - 979
-   Liuhe Pagoda 六和塔 (contains 0 artifact(s))
-   Longshan Monastery 龍山寺 (contains 1 artifact(s))