cǎihuàzuò 彩畫作



  • caihuazuo (Pinyin without tones)
  • 彩畫作 (Traditional Chinese)
  • 彩画作 (Simplified Chinese)
  • cǎihuàzuò (Pinyin)
  • ts’ai-hua-tso (Wade-Giles)
  • polychrome painting works (lit.) (English)
  • polychrome painting works (English)


    A specific division of works that involves applying polychrome painting to architectural surfaces, categorized in the Yingzao fashi (1103). The Yingzao fashi details several schemes of polychrome painting works that can be largely divided into two types: (1) zhuangluan 裝銮 (lit. harness bells), which are images and/or patterns painted on components such as bracket-blocks, bracket-arms, cross-beams and pillars, as well as on wall surfaces; (2) shuaran 刷染 (lit. brushed-on colors), which entails less complicated designs and is limited to two or three colors used on the aforementioned surfaces as well as on doors, windows, balustrades (goulan 勾欄), pale fences (chazi 叉子) and other places not specified in the text.


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