• dao (Pinyin without tones)1
  • (Traditional Chinese)
  • (Simplified Chinese)
  • dào (Pinyin)1
  • tao (Wade-Giles)


    1. road that allows passengers, horses, or vehicles to pass; 2. circuit; a historical political division within which central government officials supervise a civil administration; 3. a spiritual path (Fu 2017, 352; Hucker 1985, 487; Kroll 2016, online edition).2

    1. 人、馬、車輛通行之路; 2. 歷史上的一種行政區劃, 每一個區域都有中央政府特派的來使監督地方官員辦公;3. 宗教信仰 (Fu 2017, 352; Hucker 1985, 487; Kroll 2016, online edition).2

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