Qixia Monastery, Pilu Baodian 棲霞寺毗盧寶殿



  • Vairocana Treasure Hall (English)
  • 毗盧寶殿 (Traditional Chinese)
  • 毗卢宝殿 (Simplified Chinese)
  • pílúbǎodiàn (Pinyin)
  • p'i-lu-pao-tien (Wade-Giles)
  • Qixia Monastery Vairocana Treasure Hall (English)
  • 棲霞寺毗盧寶殿 (Traditional Chinese)
  • 栖霞寺毗卢宝殿 (Simplified Chinese)


  • Coordinates:
    • Lat. 32.152061,° Long. 118.959341°
  • Building Information

    The Vairocana Treasure Hall (Pilubaodian 毗盧寶殿) is the largest hall in Qixia Monastery. A large bell and a dharma drum frame the front of the hall (Li 2015, 84). A 5-meter tall Vairocana Buddha statue is enshrined inside the hall. Together with the Mount Sumeru platform (Xumizuo 須彌座) on which the statue sits, the entire structure has a height of 8.6 meters (Li 2010, 64). Beside the Vairocana Buddha stand the statues of Brahma (Fantian 梵天) and Indra (Dishi 帝釋). Twenty wooden statues of various divinities are positioned on both sides of the hall, each with a height of over 2 meters. Behind the Vairocana Buddha statue is a tableau of Guanyin on Potalaka (usually interpreted in China as Mount Putuo 普陀山), at the center of which is the statue of Guanyin of the Southern Sea accompanied by Sudhana (Shancai tongzi 善財童子; also translated as Good-in-Talent) and Dragon Girl (Longnü 龍女 or Nagakanya). There are thirty-two manifestations of the nirmana-kaya (response body 應身) shown on the island (Li 2015, 84; Li 2010, 65; Idema 2008, 6).1

    毗盧寶殿為棲霞寺內最大的殿堂。大殿前側左右各有大鐘一座、法鼓一面(Li 2015,84)。殿內正中供奉一尊毗盧遮那佛,高約五米。其坐於須彌座上,總高約8.6米(Li 2010,64)。毗盧遮那佛兩側侍立其弟子梵天帝釋。大殿兩側分立20座諸天木雕像,均高兩米以上。毗盧遮那佛後為海島觀音群塑,中央為南海觀世音菩薩,其左右為善財童子龍女,全島遍布觀音三十二應身(Li 2015,84;Li 2010,65; Idema 2008, 6)。1

    Date Reconstructed in 1919
    Dynasty Zhonghua minguo 1912-1949 2

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