chuandou (column-and-tie-beam framework)


  • chuāndòu (Pinyin)
  • penetrating and interlocking (English)3
  • column-and-tie-beam framework (English)2
  • post-and-tie construction (English)4
  • ch'uan-tou (Wade-Giles)
  • 穿鬥 (Traditional Chinese)1
  • 穿斗 (Simplified Chinese)


Chuandou 穿鬥 is one of the two main types of Chinese timber-frame structure, the other being tailiang. The term was created by architectural historians in the 1940s following the terms used by the craftsman of southwest China, including chuandou 穿逗, litie 立貼, and chuandou 串斗. The term, and the structural process it describes, is associated with the the timber-frame structures of Southern China.

In the chuandou structural system, pillars support the purlins directly, and several layers of tie-beams penetrate the pillars to join them together. Literally, chuandou has a verbal connotation, referring to a particular procedure of construction. First pillars of the same bay (the truss-like frame perpendicular to the roof ridge) are connected by the work of "chuan," and then multiple frames of different bays are interlocked (parallel to the roof ridge) by the work of "dou" to form the whole timber-frame structure.



(BAI Ying 白穎, ATTCAT 2018)


penetrating and interlocking ATTCAT 2018

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Related terms: 檯梁 táiliáng ; 井干 jǐnggàn ; 穿逗 chuāndòu ; 串斗 chuàndòu ; 立貼 lìtiē

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