• jie (Pinyin without tones)1
  • (Traditional Chinese)
  • (Simplified Chinese)
  • jiē (Pinyin)1
  • chieh (Wade-Giles)


    an elevated dais, platform, or stair, often of masonry (Fu 2017, 358; 呂 1992, 35; Hucker 1985, 143; Kroll 2016, online edition)2

    用砖石等砌成的平或梯級 (Fu 2017, 358; 呂 1992, 35; Hucker 1985, 143; Kroll 2016, online edition)2

Related concepts

    副階 fùjiē

    臺階 táijiē

    階梯 jiētī

    階墀 jiēchí

    階緣 jiēyuán

    階級 jiējí

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