Guangrenwang Temple  廣仁王廟


  • Guangrenwang Temple (English)
  • Guǎngrénwángmiào (Pinyin)
  • Kuang-jen-wang-miao (Wade-Giles)
  • 廣仁王廟 (Traditional Chinese)
  • 广仁王庙 (Simplified Chinese)


山西省芮城县 Shanxi
  • China
  • Province:
    • Shanxi (Pinyin)
    • 山西省 (Traditional Chinese)
    • 山西省 (Simplified Chinese)
  • County-city:
    • Ruicheng (Pinyin)
    • 芮城 (Simplified Chinese)
  • Political-subdivision:
    • (Simplified Chinese)
    • County (English)
  • Coordinates:
    • Lat. 34.73344722° Long. 110.677217°
  • Site Information

    The Guangrenwang Temple is located in the old Zhonglongquan Village, Guwei Town. It contains artifacts from the Tang and Qing dynasties and is registered with the National key Important Cultural Properties Protection Unit. Commonly known as the Five Dragons Temple (Wulongmiao 五龍廟), the date of its establishment is unknown. Covering an area of 4560 square meters, it is oriented north-south. Entering the courtyard, there is a stage and a main hall on the central axis. The main hall is a relic of the Tang dynasty, and the stage is from the Qing dynasty. 1

    Dynasty Tang 618 - 907 1

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