Jin Shrines, Shrine to the Eastern Peak  東嶽祠



  • Shrine to the Eastern Peak (English)
  • 東嶽祠 (Traditional Chinese)
  • 东岳祠 (Simplified Chinese)
  • Dōngyuècí (Pinyin)
  • Tung-yüeh-tz'u (Wade-Giles)
  • 東嶽廟 (Traditional Chinese)
  • 东岳庙 (Simplified Chinese)
  • Temple to the Eastern Peak (English)
  • Dōngyuèmiào (Pinyin)
  • 泰山廟 (Traditional Chinese)
  • Temple to the Mount Tai (English)
  • Taishanmiao (Pinyin)


  • Coordinates:
    • Lat. 37.708685° Long. 112.435896°
  • Building Information

    The earliest documentation of a temple to the Eastern Peak at Jinci is in Wang Sicheng’s stele inscription of 1342 where it was called the Temple to Mount Tai (also Taishan temple or Taishanmiao 泰山廟). Gao Ruxing also shows a Temple to Mount Tai on his map of Jinci published in 1551 (Gao Ruxing, Taiyuan xianzhi 1/11a and Jinci zhitu ) and it was still called this in a 1567 repair inscription (JCZ 29). However, Liu Dapeng was uncertain of the age of the temple. By his time, the name of the temple had also been changed from Temple to Mount Tai to Shrine to the Eastern Peak (also Dongyue shrine or Dongyueci 東嶽祠). Number 10 on our plan of the site, the complex was repaired in 1825 and 1877 (JCZ 29).1

    Date 1342-1877
    Dynasty Yuan - Qing 1279 - 1912 2

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