dìpán 地盤



  • dipan (Pinyin without tones)
  • 地盤 (Traditional Chinese)1
  • 地盘 (Simplified Chinese)
  • dìpán (Pinyin)
  • ti-p’an (Wade-Giles)
  • ground plates (lit.) (English)
  • ground plans (ATTCAT preferred) (English)
  • floor plans (English)2
  • foundations (English)3
  • sites (English)4
  • structure layouts (English)5


    Dipan is an architectural term seen in Yingzao fashi (1103) and Luban yingzao zhengshi (1465-1505), but is also used in texts related to building activities such as Zhuzi yulei (1270), and Yangzhou huafang lu (18th cen.). Interpretations of the term and its relevant images in the Yingzao fashi are under debate. Some scholars suggest it concerns the plan of puzuo (corbelling) seen at a vertical position above the pillar top (Chen Mingda, 2010), either understood as reflected ceiling plan (Chen Mingda 1981), or the view looking downward from above (Zhu Yongchun 2016). Others interpret the term as a ground plan showing pillar positions and, in some cases, the layout of puzuo (Pan Guxi, He Jianzhong 2005). Recently Ren Sijie has shown how this term was likely directly related to the building foundation Ren Sijie 2016).

    作爲傳統營造術語,主要見于《營造法式》(1103) 和《魯般營造正式》(1465-1505),也見於其他談及營造的傳統文獻,如《朱子語類》(1270)、《揚州畫舫錄》(18th cen.)等。對《營造法式》所謂“地盤”的具體含義存在爭議:一説是柱頭鋪作的平面佈置(陳明達 2010),有的觀點認為是柱頭仰視平面(陳明達 1981),也有認爲是柱頭俯視平面(朱永春 2016);一説是表示柱子分佈(或兼反映鋪作)的平面(潘谷西, 何建中 2005),有的觀點認爲或亦與基礎做法有關(任思捷 2016)。

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