• tang (Pinyin without tones)1
  • (Traditional Chinese)
  • (Simplified Chinese)
  • táng (Pinyin)1
  • t'ang (Wade-Giles)
  • hall (English)


    Literally a main hall or hall, a tang is usually a building designed to house a special ritual or function (陳 2010, 310; Hucker 1985, 486; Guo 2002, 77; Fu 2017, 367; Kroll 2016, online edition). From records dating to the Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods(770 BCE - 221 BCE), we can deduce that a tang originally referred to a building atop a podium. Additionally, the term tang was also used to refer to a high and open main room in the most important building of a larger complex. In pre-Qin sources (and after) this was the location for important ceremonial activities (Zhuge and Xue 2021, 102).2

    正房;舉行儀式用的房屋 (陳 2010, 310; Hucker 1985, 486; Guo 2002, 77; Fu 2017, 367; Kroll 2016, online edition). 基於春秋戰國時期的各類文獻可知,堂本意为為坐於台基上的房屋 。“堂“又是建築群主體建築物裡高敞部分之稱,為先文献记载的各項禮儀主要程式進行的地方(诸葛和薛 2021, 102)。2

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