• ci (Pinyin without tones)1
  • (Traditional Chinese)
  • (Simplified Chinese)
  • (Pinyin)1
  • tz`u (Wade-Giles)


    1. shrine; a memorial building for remembering, venerating, and/or worshiping spirits, such as nature spirits, ancestors, or those acknowledged for having made significant achievements; 2. the cultic sacrifice taking place in a shrine (Guo 2002, 27; Fu 2017, 351; Miller 2007, 32-33; Kroll 2017,online edition)2

    1. 神社; 紀念、崇拜和/或祭祀神靈的紀念性建築,例如自然神靈、祖先或因取得重大成就而獲得認可的神靈;2. 在神社舉行的祭祀 (Guo 2002, 27; Fu 2017, 351; Miller 2007, 32-33; Kroll 2017, online edition)2

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