fúbìgǒng 扶壁栱



  • fubigong (Pinyin without tones)3
  • 扶壁栱 (Traditional Chinese)
  • 扶壁栱 (Simplified Chinese)
  • fúbìgǒng (Pinyin)3
  • fu-pi-kung (Wade-Giles)
  • wall supporting bracket-arm (lit.) (English)2
  • superficial bracket-arms (ATTCAT preferred) (English)1


    In the Yingzao fashi (1103) this term refers to squared beams (fang 方) carved with bracket-arms in low relief and layered within the wall plane above pillar tops. It can also refer to the entire composition of square beams and bracket-arms within the wall plane above pillar tops (Cheng Mingda 2010; Xu Yitao 2005). Also called “shadow bracket-arm(s)” (yinggong 影栱).

    見於北宋官書《營造法式》(1103),指柱頭一綫之上所用之方刻出的形象。又名影栱。又一説認爲指柱頭一綫鋪作組合中的單栱、重栱、素方縂體(陳明達2010;徐怡濤 2005).

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