bǎnwǎ 瓪瓦



  • banwa (Pinyin without tones)
  • 瓪瓦 (Traditional Chinese)
  • 瓪瓦 (Simplified Chinese)
  • bǎnwǎ (Pinyin)
  • pan-wa (Wade-Giles)
  • concave tiles (lit.) (English)
  • plate tiles (ATTCAT preferred translation) (English)1
  • flat tiles (English)2


    Roofing tile of shallow concave shape; can serve as a gutter tile or a covering tile. Eaves tiles of this type have an overhanging lip to allow water to drip away from the bottom edge. These are categorized according to decorative treatment of the lip. Two types described in the Yingzao fashi (e.g. Chapter 13) are the chongchun banwa 重唇瓪瓦 and huatou banwa 華頭瓪瓦 (lit. flower/ornamented head plate tile). Although having the same pronunciation, from the Yuan dynasty onward this term was also written: "板瓦".

    瓪瓦。以後也寫作“板瓦”。弧形瓦件,用於屋面既可做底瓦,也可做蓋瓦。檐端的瓪瓦可粘掛模印有花紋的瓦頭,以利於排洩雨水。在《營造法式》(卷十三)中記載有“重唇瓪瓦”與“華頭瓪瓦” 兩種。

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