gōutóu 勾頭



  • goutou (Pinyin without tones)
  • 勾頭 (Traditional Chinese)
  • 勾头 (Simplified Chinese)
  • gōutóu (Pinyin)
  • kou-t'ou (Wade-Giles)
  • hooked heads (lit.) (English)
  • barrel tile ends (English)

Note (brief)

    A type of roofing tile. Term used in the Qing court architectural manual, the Gongcheng zuofa (1734), to describe the type of barrel tile (tongwa 筒瓦) which is used to cap the end of covering tiles at the eaves.

    筒瓦的一種,剖面如 “┍—”,用於檐頭以遮擋檐部. “勾頭”見于以後的文獻,如工部《工程做法

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Broad Match: roofing tiles

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