Xingfan Monastery, great hall  興梵寺大殿


  • great hall (English)
  • 大殿 (Traditional Chinese)
  • 大殿 (Simplified Chinese)
  • dàdiàn (Pinyin)
  • ta-tien (Wade-Giles)
  • Xingfansi dadian (English)
  • 興梵寺大殿 (Traditional Chinese)
  • 兴梵寺大殿 (Simplified Chinese)
  • Guangfansi


  • Coordinates:
    • Lat. 37.39033333° Long. 112.4500667°
  • Building Information

    The main hall is located on a brick platform 1.85 meters high. It is five bays across the front façade with a depth of 6 rafters, and is crowned with a single eaves hip-gable roof (xieshan 歇山). The internal beam structure is 4 columns in depth with a 4-rafter beam connected to both the front and back column circuit by a single-rafter beam (zhaqian 剳牵). Columns support 4 puzuo bracket sets with a single huagong 華栱 (miaogong 杪栱).1
    Date 960-1125
    Dynasty Northern Song 960 - 1127 2

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