yǐnggǒng 影栱



  • yinggong (Pinyin without tones)1
  • 影栱 (Traditional Chinese)2
  • 影栱 (Simplified Chinese)
  • yǐnggǒng (Pinyin)
  • ying-kung (Wade-Giles)
  • shadow bracket-arm (English)3


    Seen in the Yingzao fashi (1103 CE), referring to square beams (fang 方) carved with bracket-arms in low relief, layered within the wall plane above pillar tops. See also “superficial bracket arms” (fubigong 扶壁栱).

    見於《 營造法式 》(1103 CE),指柱頭一綫之上所用之刻出的形象。又名 扶壁栱.

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