píngliáng 平梁



  • pingliang (Pinyin without tones)
  • 平梁 (Traditional Chinese)
  • 平梁 (Simplified Chinese)
  • píngliáng (Pinyin)1
  • p'ing-liang (Wade-Giles)
  • level, flat; even; roofbeam, ridgepole (lit.) (English)2
  • level cross beam (ATTCAT preferred translation) (English)3
  • top beam (English)4
  • two-rafter crossbeam (English)5

Note (full)

    Pingliang refers to cross beams that span two rafters and are located on the highest layer of the roof frame. This term is used in the Yingzao fashi, where it is also called pingfu 平栿. In extant architecture, shuzhu 蜀柱 and chashou 叉手 are joined into the top of the pingliang (Liang 1983, 142 ; Chen 2010, 114). In official Qing dynasty architectural terminology, the beam in the location of the pingliang is called sanjialiang 三架梁, meaning a beam that spans three purlins (and two rafters), or taipingliang 太平梁.6

    平梁為《營造法式》(1103)所用術語,也稱平栿。指長兩,位於梁架最上一層的。現存實例中平梁上通常立蜀柱叉手(梁 1983, 142;陳 2010, 114)。在官式的梁架及其術語體系中,屋架最上層的太平梁三架梁與《營造法式》平梁相當。6

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