lìnggǒng 令栱



  • linggong (Pinyin without tones)2
  • 令栱 (Traditional Chinese)
  • 令栱 (Simplified Chinese)
  • lìnggǒng (Pinyin)1
  • ling-kung (Wade-Giles)3
  • order bracket-arm (English)4
  • lead bracket-arm (English)5
  • order-arm (English)6
  • regular-arm (English)7
  • 枠肘木 (ja)8
  • 肘木 (ja)9


    Linggong is a type of bracket arm in dougong that is parallel to the building’s facade. According to the Yingzao fashi, the linggong is equal in length to the huagong (Li 2009, 4.3b). Based on its location, the linggong can be divided into two types. When used under the eaves, the linggong is located above the uppermost layer of huagong or ang (whichever is on the top) and supports tie beams that in turn support the eaves. When used elsewhere in the building, linggong are located beneath the purlins. Linggong support the purlins through an intermediary timber member called a timu 替木 (Pan and He 2005, 99). 10

    令栱是斗栱中平行於屋身方向的一種,基本特征是其上不再施其它栱,且按《營造法式》規定,與華栱等長 (李 2009, 4.3b) 按照使用位置可以分為兩種情況:用於簷下時,令栱位於斗栱裡外最上一層華栱或之上,承接簷下的槫子或枋;用於屋內時,通过替木承槫(潘和何 2005, 99)。 10

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