• ang (Pinyin without tones)
  • (Traditional Chinese)
  • (Simplified Chinese)
  • áng (Pinyin)
  • ang (Wade-Giles)
  • raise up; lift up (lit.) (English)3
  • slanted bracket arms (ATTCAT preferred) (English)1
  • (descending or ascending) cantilevers (English)2

Note (brief)

    Angled timber member used in corbel bracket sets and placed perpendicular to the building plane. Can be descending (下昂 xia'ang), where the tip extends downward through the bracket set to the exterior of the building; or ascending (上昂 shang'ang), where it extends from the building plane upward, usually to support the interior building frame. Level timbers placed perpendicular to the building plane include huagong 華栱 and shuatou 耍頭.

    From the Song and Jin dynasties (10th-13th centuries), we see buildings where huagong 華栱 and shuatou 耍頭 were made to look like xiaang 下昂. These are sometimes called pretend ang (假昂 jia'ang), and slanted bracket arm-shaped shuatou (angxing shuatou 昂形耍頭).


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