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-   Lingyin Monastery 靈隱寺 (contains 2 artifact(s))
Lingyin Monastery, East Stone Pagoda 靈隱寺東石塔 The Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms 902 - 979
Lingyin Monastery West Stone Pagoda 靈隱寺西石塔 The Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms 902 - 979
-   Liuhe Pagoda 六和塔 (contains 0 artifact(s))
-   Longshan Monastery 龍山寺 (contains 1 artifact(s))
-   Nanchan Monastery 南禪寺 (contains 1 artifact(s))
Nanchan Monastery, great hall 南禪寺大殿 Slightly less famous than the Foguang Monastery Great East Hall the great hall at Nanchan Monastery is the earliest extant timber frame building...
-   Qixia Monastery 棲霞寺 (contains 4 artifact(s))
Qixia Monastery, Qianfo yan shiku 棲霞寺千佛岩石窟 The Thousand Buddha Grotto was first carved by Ming Zhongzhang Ming Sengshao s son in 484 during Qi Xiang 2001 128 Buddhist statues...
Qixia Monastery, Pilu Baodian棲霞寺毗盧寶殿 The Vairocana Treasure Hall Pilubaodian 毗盧寶殿 is the largest hall in Qixia Monastery A large bell and a dharma drum frame the front...
Qixia Monastery, Ming Zhengjun bei明徵君碑 Ming Sengshao Stele is at the entrance of Qixia Monastery It was set up by Tang Emperor Gaozong in year 676 to commemorate...